Nelli Shishmanyan

Nelli Shishmanyan
Nelli Shishmanyan is a freelance photographer who began her career in 2006 after completing a yearlong photojournalism course at the Caucasus Institute, organized by World Press Photo. Shishmanyan participated in several international and regional photography-related projects, her works were exhibited in Armenia, Georgia, and Turkey. She has contributed to ArmeniaNow and Hetq, and her photographs have been published in the World Press Photo, Financial Times UK, Newsweek Russia, Ogoniok Magazine, National Geographic Traveler - Armenia magazine, and others. In 2012, she won 1st prize in the British Council’s Na/Ne Media Award, and currently she is also the Armenian coordinator of MyAngle project and one of photographers of Chai Khana Online magazine. Nelli is also a musician. She is a conductor of Avet Terteryan Art School’s children choir and member of Hover state chamber choir. From 2016 Nelli Shishmanyan is a member of 4 Plus, a non-profit cooperative that aims to develop documentary photography in Armenia and empower women through photography.

Indian flavor

Years ago one would meet citizens of India more frequently at “Shrjanayin”, near the Medical University. Medical education is more affordable for them in Armenia, while in India it is 2-3 times more expensive. But lately it has become usual to meet Indians in different corners of Yerevan. What draws them to Armenia, what per...

A family outside of family

The treatment of the two grandchildren affected by Infantile Cerebral Palsy and the problems of other children having disabilities made Melanya Yepremyan create the center “Astghavard” in Vardenis city in 2003. The center is an NGO for the parents of the children having disabilities, the mission of which is to help children with...

Animals help people

Founded in 2008, the Centaur Association of Hippotherapy and Equestrian Sports is located in the Ushi rural community of Aragatsotn marz (province), about 35 km from Yerevan. Centaur is the first and only center of its kind in Armenia, where 6 horses, 33 dogs, 4 cats, and a turtle live. All of the center’s animals were rescued f...