Life Less Ordinary, stories of marginalised individuals in Armenia were shown in an exhibition by Nazik Armenakyan and Anush Babajanyan from May 21-27, 2014.

4Plus Documentary Photography Center and the British Embassy Yerevan jointly organised Nazik Armenakyan’s and Anush Babajanyan’s photographic exhibition ‘Life Less Ordinary’ in May 2014. Curated by Vigen Galstyan, the exhibition looked at the stories of marginalized individuals in Armenia and their everyday, heroic struggle for acceptance, joy and dignity. Whether constrained by gender, physical handicaps, ethnicity or age, these are people whose determination to survive and succeed reveals the ordinary aspects of life in a new, dramatic light.

The contrasting approaches of the two photographers presented their subjects in a similar way. They demonstrated how images affect our perceptions about those who are often oppressed and neglected. Even as small fragments of reality, these photographs have gave an insight into the diverse complexity of the everyday world that surrounds us.