The intimate relationship between people and animals is frequently met. Animals are the not-growing children of people, and people always take up the long lasting care of them. The necessity of the care for animals stimulates the development of the feeling of responsibility and the enhancement of the meaning of the ego of the owner.



“More often children are the ones who want to get pets, when they are in need of a trustworthy friend. The positive effect of the dog on my children is quite visible”, says Arpi Maghakyan.

“Having a dog was the idea of my son – Mushegh – but I was against it. My 15 year old daughter and my 10 year old son were feeling very responsible and were taking care of the dog in the beginning. Now I myself love our Ampik very much and I appreciate the positive changes on the behaviour of my children, which took place after Ampik joined us.

Animals differ from people with their unselfishness, their feelings are always real, they do not fake, and love unconditionally. Animals teach their owners to believe and trust. There is also an opinion that lonely and misunderstood people like to keep animals, since they need a reliable and committed friend to be next to them always. The friend-pet automatically turns into someone to converse with, and people share their problems with them as a friend. An animal does not speak, does not judge, does not criticize, and can really love.