‘Hummus Kimchi’ is a small restaurant in downtown Yerevan, where young people from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus and Crimea work.

The common reason of this get-together is the Russia-Ukraine war, while everyone’s story of arriving here is different.

For many, it was the first experience to leave their families and homeland, to make their own decision, err and loose, find something new and end up in an “international family”.

Having mostly no idea of what awaits them in the new place, they nevertheless made a decision to leave, dropping out their studies, quitting jobs, parting of the ways, refusing to tolerate enforcement of the system…

‘Hummus Kimchi’ is a place of self-expression and co-existence in a foreign milieu and a starting point for many. Having no knowledge what will come tomorrow, whether or not they will go back, everyone here wants one thing – an end to war.