COVID-19 / Armenia

Just a few months ago we knew very little about the new coronavirus infection, now COVID-19, which has already shaken the world. Getting acquainted with the situation created by the virus in the international news, many of us considered it far from us. We can now state that even the specialists did not imagine the nature and consequences of this insidious disease, how we will all live in the midst of fear and vigilance, how we will reorganize our lives and daily life, reevaluate people and what surrounds us. How we will change our habits and behavior, who would think it would be like this?
The first case of coronavirus disease was registered in Armenia on March 1, and by March 14 the number of infected people reached 18. To prevent the spread of the virus, a state of emergency was declared on March 16, which has been extended several times and is still in force. Almost 38,000 cases of coronavirus disease have already been confirmed in Armenia, which has a population of about 3 million, of which more than 700 have died.
This project by 4 Plus is from different angles of our new reality, about people, living with the epidemic and fighting against it. Medical workers, cultural figures, artists, people deprived of the opportunity to work abroad, infected and treated people․․․ Everyone is waiting for the end of the epidemic.