The 42nd day of the blockade was marked by a red circle on the calendar to question yourself, to be both emotional and happy.

On our way to Sos village, there were names of the young men who died prematurely.

We were heading to Sos to see Artyom off to the army.
Uncle Yeghish, Mher, auntie Ano, nanny Ofik, little Yeghishik and all were running back and forth to get the things done properly. And all this was seasoned with talks and questions starting from “when will the road open?” and ending with toasts to Artsakh.

Everybody was partying but with a heavy heart, knowing that Artyom was going to the army by the road reading the names of the fallen guys.

We were raising glasses to peace and then adding that no peace was possible without war.

During the blockade the villagers came together to see Artom off to the army.

Here people get along with the soil and stick firmly to their land.