One of the cities with closed down factories after the Soviet period, Vanadzor, never rehabilitated, and when the new didn’t come to replace the old, the city, surrounded by mountains, was cut from the world in such a scale, that it became its own “world center” with its reputation of “the most depressing city of Armenia.”



[1] Central square. [2] Vanadzor’s neighborhoods are Bazum, Dimats, Lager, Kongo, Jungliner. [3] People often say “previous” here (previous chemical factory, previous stadium). Previous cafe.



One of the spreading ideas among youngsters lately is the opportunity of choosing a city in Armenia, where you want to live, nothing is restricted with Yerevan any more, and many young people choose Vanadzor.





To build a house





Here young people have big and beautiful houses, where many live alone for different reasons. Now Davit has decided to bring to order, to take good care of the house, where he was born.



There are no artificial problems here. You can go with your own thoughts by talking to yourself, because the time flows in another direction here, and the city is silent. There is endless tranquility and time to be with your own self.



Yulia’s orphanage


Because of living alone, since there is no one to talk to, you talk to yourself and learn yourself better.




Vagho is from Yerevan. Vagho is a Vanadzorian for a year already.

The portrait of Yulia and Yuna.





To leave home



Every time I get tired of something, or something doesn’t come out of my life, I think to go to some other place, and because I don’t have a passport, I go to Yerevan to look for some work, until they call me from somewhere. During that time I spend all that I have and come back disappointed, and this is what has happened a lot. Now I am in Vanadzor, but if there was some way, I would go and come back again, I don’t know why, my mother knows too, that I will be back maximum in three days, that is not good. One day, I think, I won’t do that anymore, on the whole, all of this is horrible. Bye.




The cars that are in hysteria,
The buildings that are decaying under the rain,
The people that are paging the screen of the computer,
The dogs that are howling looking at the moon,
Everyone, everyone, everyone says,
That something must change or go out of its stream.
The clouds have hung down, the world seems small,
This square room smells of smoke,
Shall I remain lying or go to America?
To see the same tired faces,
To breathe the shit smell of boredom.
My city is enclosed in mountains,
Maybe that’s the reason of this sultriness.
(Unhealthy soul in unhealthy body.
Author of the poem Aren Voskanyan)



Feng shui – the “best” place to build a house.



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