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I was the second child in the family, the first was also a girl, my brother was born after 4 girls. But I don’t think that my sisters and me were unwanted for my parents than my brother. Of course my brother was long awaited, he was expected in another way. My mother was far from the idea of abortions, she didn’t use to go to check the gender of her children, she was against abortion. My father says my daughters are generals, there has never been a difference between my children in our house.I had a dream that never realized. I have dreamt of studying always… (she is stirred up, can’t talk), it just didn’t come true… I am very content with my family, I am happy, only that one is my unended dream. Now I think at least my children get education, I consider it very important for my children to study, what I couldn’t make I want them to realize.