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October, November, December, January, March, yes? It is the sixth month this is my new life and I don’t see it in time, but it is actually the sixth month, or half a year. And I was rather confident in the beginning, because it was a new obligation, despite the fact that it is paid or not, appreciated or not, I have taken over something that I do, the payment and prestige depend very little from what I need to do, because I have taken it over. I want to say that with my activity I try to show people that yes, it’s possible to be a person, who voluntarily goes for the action of protection of the benefits of the community. He/she doesn’t have for that any personal, political ambitions, not any professional ambitions, any social, self-establishment ambitions, he/she just gives that time for social work. Making that image, that activity real is very important, it’s important that it becomes very ordinary for people.