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I always say that I make my share of revolution now as a member of Yerevan Council of Elders. The world, the countries have created different systems, which make our coexistence possible, and if that work is not done, that spot is left open. And evaluating my professional skills, the features of my character and the accumulated experience with the society and my love towards my living place, I saw that I can invest my powers in the changes possible through that institution. If one thing is not everyone’s, it is easily thought that it is not anyone’s, it has no owner, and it is permitted to use it by every group or person for their benefit, but the community benefit and the property of the society is something, which belongs to everyone of us, and for that the first obligation of a member of the Council of Elders is the realization of this benefit and the protection of this property from individual benefits. The Council of Elders is a well-thought structure in fact, that the population elects a group of people, and gives them the right to control that work, but not for money, there is no salary there, it means that you are not in any hierarchical structure, you have your debt to your community, you have taken that over, and the people have elected the power which you represent, or sometimes elected you directly. I have consciously taken over this type of job, because I think that the states are built through these institutions too.