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My scientific and research profession assumes work out of home in the libraries, or in the case of anthropology, in the fields, in the circle of people, different modes of information collection from them. And being a member of the Council is something out of the house, you know, and I pass very little time at home with all the consequences resulting from this. Cooking, washing, cleaning, ironing is made by my mother with big love and care, those things mostly happen during the free time of sundays, those things which are done with pleasure. I remember very well my first tries to make meals, and until now I have it in my memory how I kneaded the dough for bread with my grandmother in the village, how I was making it, and how once, when everyone had gone to the fields for agricultural work, I kneaded the dough by their return, made it ready. I feel that delight until now, the delight of making bread on your own. In the beginning it was the delight of a never-before-done thing, the delight of succeeding, I feel after that it circles around the actions of making something to eat mostly.