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The only thing that I very often and always say is that childhood was a time, when we were very free, free from responsibilities, free from imaginary heavy burden, and I think we used to do things, which we wanted to do in fact. Though I always remember several “it’s not allowed-s’” which always existed. When we had guests at home, it was not allowed to live a regular life, the presence of guests would change the routine of life. In our family, it’s interesting, one was not allowed to do any egoistic thing, to do things, which were only for your benefit, good clothing couldn’t be enjoyed alone. It was then when I sometimes rebelled against that, because I used to say, no, if my sister wears these clothes, finish, I don’t want to wear that clothing any more. It meant it was not mine, it was my childish protest against that. But now when I analyze that, I understand that it is a very important skill, that people should be ok with the idea of sharing some good, and that helps a lot in life, that you accept the idea of sharing in this world. I always remember something, though it turns out now, that in different pedagogical and science disciplines it’s not a right thing, but when there was some quarrel in our family, the solution to it would lie on those who had quarreled. If we quarreled with sisters, then we had to solve it ourselves, and there was always this message that the eldest must find the way.