Text by Karin Grigoryan

On April 23, the Republic square of Republic of Armenia was full of Armenians celebrating the resignation of Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan. Call it the happiest and crazy holiday of Armenians of all time!

While the peaceful protests of thousands citizens continue throughout Armenia, the post of Prime Minister remains vacant. Nikol Pashinyan, symbolically ‘elected’ by the ‘nation’ at the Republic Square is the official candidate of the national movement. Meanwhile, the Republican Party does everything possible to retain power in the National Assembly.

In the midst of celebration, we asked young people who sit on the chair to briefly outline the reasons why they rejected the former PM Serzh Sargsyan.


Davit Simonyan, 27
“Justice, Unity, Victory”


Ermina Zakharova, 20
“For Better Future”


Gor Goganyan, 19
“Better Armenia, Happy and prosperous people”


Laura Atayan, 30
“Change, People, Future”


Sasha Yeghoyan, 18
“Injustice, Corruption, a wish to live in a better country”


Gayane Hovsepyan, 24
“Free and Independent Armenia”


Arthur Harutyunyan, 20 and Edgar Yeremyan, 19 (from left)
“Injustice, Reliable Future, Unemployment”


Syuzanna Asatryan, 17
“Free and Independent Armenia”


Harutyun Mkhitaryan, 27, Lusine Avetisyan, 25
“Bad leader, Corruption, Free Armenia”


Lilith Melkonyan, 17
“Better Armenia, Free people, Education”


Arthur Melikjanyan, 37
“It was necessary to reject”


Samvel Gabrielyan, 34
“Better life, Education, Justice”


Christian Batikyan, 30, Taguhi Khazaryan, 27
“Future, Hope, Democracy”


Armen Nanayan, 16
“Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Bright Future”


Unnamed, 27
“Power, Current state of the nation”


Nver Hambardzumyan, 26
“Justice, Bright Future, Uncorrupted country”


Shaliko Manukyan, 22
“For drinking the Blood”


Yelena Martirosyan, 25
“My father was a Military… “


Pargev Davidyan, 38
“For the holy homeland”


Liana Harutyunyan, 21
“Freedom, Justice, New”


Chair of the nation