Years ago one would meet citizens of India more frequently at “Shrjanayin”, near the Medical University. Medical education is more affordable for them in Armenia, while in India it is 2-3 times more expensive.

But lately it has become usual to meet Indians in different corners of Yerevan. What draws them to Armenia, what perspectives do they see here?

Indians come to Armenia mostly for education, work, private business, and for opening small stores of Indian spices and other goods. The aim of the visits of some of them is the entrance permit for leaving for other countries.

For example, if previously it was not usual to meet Indian cuisine here, now the quantity of Indian restaurants with Indian flavor has increased.


It’s a busy working time in this Indian restaurant.


Indian cuisine is rich in spices and various dishes.


Siddu and Sinu are friends. They have come to Armenia months before following a friend’s advice, and work in an Indian cuisine as cooks now. They are happy in Armenia, they love Armenians, Armenians are also good with them. Armenia is a quiet and safe place for them․



Obais Noor is a friend of Khan family, who has come to Armenia 4 months before, with the invitation of Khan family to assist in the family business.


Indian women during the concert dedicated to the cultural day of India.



Indians mainly create spice stores or eating places in Armenia.


Parvez Ali Khan has come to Armenia with his wife and children since 2015. He has created his own restaurant business, which is expanding with years. They are going to open another restaurant in the center of Yerevan soon. The daughters of Parvez Ali Khan has attended Armenian schools and know Armenian very well.


The staircase of the student campus.


The students in the reading room of the campus: there are many foreign students.


The students of the Medical University choose any possible place to prepare for their classes.



Indian students are playing football in the playground near the student campus.


The football team of the future Indian doctors.


The sun of the cold winter day gives the students the opportunity of playing a game.


When you ask the newcomer Indians which places they have been in Armenia and what has impressed them, they name the statue of “Mother Armenia” the first. Maybe many have the feeling of home, security and safety with it and “Mother Armenia” becomes the bind between all of us, despite the nationality, the color of the skin and the religion.


The attention of Armenians has raised toward Indian people, but, unfortunately, not in a positive sense. I’m surprised at that kind of reaction about those seeking shelter and work here, while many of our compatriots look for the same status in other countries. Every nation brings with it its culture, its interests, which fill the environment with variety, doesn’t it?

We learn about the inconveniences of our city with their help too; many foreign tourists can not use the public transport because they don’t know Armenian, while all the public routes are indicated only in Armenian.

Many Indians go back to India because of the problem of the language. Some get help from their compatriots having moved to Armenia earlier. By the way, many of them know not only English, but also Armenian.

In my opinion, Indians and other foreign people finding jobs in Armenia are the example of the fact, that it is possible to work in Armenia, and there is no need, perhaps, to leave the motherland, the relatives and look for a job abroad.


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