Inna Mkhitaryan

Inna Mkhitaryan
Inna Mkhitaryan is a photojournalist from Armenia. She started her career of photojournalist in 2006 after completing photojournalism course organized by the Caucasus Institute and World Press Photo in Yerevan, Armenia. Inna mainly works on long-term projects. She received a Documentary Photography Production grant from the Open Society Foundations. In 2010-2011 she was awarded 1st and 2nd prize of Na/Ne Media Award.

The Not-growing Children of People

The intimate relationship between people and animals is frequently met. Animals are the not-growing children of people, and people always take up the long lasting care of them. The necessity of the care for animals stimulates the development of the feeling of responsibility and the enhancement of the meaning of the ego of the owner.

Other Motherland

Alvin’s mother Lamaghana lives in Armenia for 8 years now. She has come to Armenia at 21 from Guinea. She confesses she cannot retell the whole story as why and how she has reached Armenia, because it’s too heavy for her. She describes it in Armenian with difficulty. “I have come to Armenia because of the conflict.