Piruza Khalapyan

Piruza Khalapyan
Piruza Khalapyan started her photographic carrier after completing a yearlong photojournalism course at the Caucasus Institute, organized by World Press Photo in 2005-2006. Then she studied at Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography, specialization of documentary film director. She has worked as photo editor in “Patker” Photo Agency and “National Geographic Traveler Armenia” magazines. As a photographer she was cooperating Medialab.am, Forum and Newmag magazines, ArmeniaNow.com. Piruza had personal and group exhibitions in Armenia, Georgia, France and other countries.She participated in a several workshops with Patrick Sutherland, Yuri Kozyrev, Andrei Polikanov, Adrian Kelterborn, Doug Blush. From 2008-2009 she participated in “Close to Home” and “Living Together” touring exhibition, British Council. In 2011 she got 1st prize in the British Councils Na/Ne Media Award. In 2013 Piruza received Documentary Photography Production Grant from Open Society Foundations, Project Grants. In 2017 Khalapyan got production grant from Armenia Art Foundation. From 2016 Piruza Khalapyan is a member of 4 Plus, a non-profit cooperative that aims to develop documentary photography in Armenia and empower women through photography.

Yerevan jan, happy birthday!

Yerevan is happy on its birthday, it has the glitter on its face. The streets are crowded, music is everywhere, many guests, much treatment, expensive fire-works. We celebrate it luxuriously, we can even say we are showing up, we are not economizing on anything. Now Yerevan is celebrating its birthday with a new mayor, new co...

Mental Hospital

This story is not about space, it’s about the memory of the space, which is not mine, I have just appeared there for the first time, and it is unfamiliar to me. “The place (the space) has its memory” and depending on how you emerge there, how you comprehend the space, what kind of mind state you have, it begins to live inside...

They leave today

The members of the house have been silent since morning. No one is saying anything specific. It’s as though they’re all offended with each other; they don’t look in each other in the eye. The mother silently packs the suitcase. Only the twelve-year-old son can’t contain himself; he is constantly upset and gets everyone emotional...