A One-Foot Space

A moving vehicle, standing air, inharmonious images, a hardly grasping hand, a pressing heaviness, a sharpening denseness, an unplanned exercise of yoga with unmatchable music tunes, a driver’s gaze looking in the mirror through the smoke, people stooping and hardly fitting in, hovering over the line of intolerance and acceptance. Human nerve is being tested everyday in Yerevan public transport in the morning 8:30-9:30 and in the evening 17:30-19:00.   

Going back to Kond

Twelve years ago - in 2006 - I first found myself in Kond neighborhood. What does “found myself” mean? I actually went there to take photos. Kond is the oldest and the most interesting quarter in Yerevan. There were only three quarters in Erivan in the 17th century - Kond, Karahank, and, so to say, Old town. They were mostly inhabited by Armenians, but later Armenian Boshas came to live he...

The Paths to the Gold Mountain

By Victoria Aleksanyan Being an Armenian based in New York for years, but now back in my home country, I was contemplating around ideas such as homeland and the information that it carries with its soil and water, individual’s need for acceptance by the tribe and going against nature. I was sitting in my room on a hot summer night, writing a fiction film screenplay about a young female scienti...

Death, Pain, Victory

By Gayane Harutyunyan People pass through the struggle of life and death in war. The participants of WWII consider that they have seen a very cruel, ruthless war, where there prevailed the fear of parting with the light in an instant. These people passed through a dark corridor until they reached home, where some of them had people waiting, others, alas, not. 93-95 year old veterans took me ...

Chair of the nation

Text by Karin Grigoryan On April 23, the Republic square of Republic of Armenia was full of Armenians celebrating the resignation of Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan. Call it the happiest and crazy holiday of Armenians of all time! While the peaceful protests of thousands citizens continue throughout Armenia, the post of Prime Minister remains vacant. Nikol Pashinyan, symbolically ‘elected’...

The Not-growing Children of People

The intimate relationship between people and animals is frequently met. Animals are the not-growing children of people, and people always take up the long lasting care of them. The necessity of the care for animals stimulates the development of the feeling of responsibility and the enhancement of the meaning of the ego of the owner.

Women of War

Some of them left their little children, some of them were pregnant, some of them lied to their families and went to war. Qotot, Kara, Hasmik, Jemma, Manush and others fought next to boys for their country.
According to Encyclopedia of "The Karabakh Liberation war: 1988-1994" over 200 women volunteered to participate in the Nagorno Karabakh war.

The Salt of the Earth

Two and a half minutes in the elevator and 235 m below the surface of the ground opens up a landscape of salt. With uneven relief and repeating arches the long corridor leads to an underground cave, where the relation with the world above is cut from the first moments. The underground sanatorium - the Republican Speleological Therapeutic Center - is located in the Salt mine of Yerevan’s Avan region and has operated since 1987.

The Village Doctor

“I haven’t had an alternative in the choice of my profession, since I have grown up in a family of doctors and haven't imagined myself in any other profession. I have interacted with patients since childhood; my days have passed in different hospitals. My father was a surgeon, my mother – a specialist of blood.

The Reality of Heroes

The wounded heroes live in a different reality. A special department at the Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery reflects that reality. The long corridor leads you to the patient and therapy rooms on both sides where the wounded soldiers are still in hospital bed but with their lives being changed every single day due to the consecutive physical and mental treatment - therapies, exercises, massages, and meeting-discussions.