Vaghinak Ghazaryan

Vaghinak Ghazaryan

About Nora

The Village Alaverdi stayed behind. After passing the curves of the road full of pits and holes you turn left parting from the narrow highway with a light heart. The better road leads to Great Ayrum. You can guess from the name of the village that there is Small Ayrum too. That is really small: you grow assured in that when y...

The Village Doctor

“I haven’t had an alternative in the choice of my profession, since I have grown up in a family of doctors and haven't imagined myself in any other profession. I have interacted with patients since childhood; my days have passed in different hospitals. My father was a surgeon, my mother – a specialist of blood.

Brief Encounters

6 regions, 52 schools, 5000 students, 71 teachers. This is the statistics of the program “Teach for Armenia”. Every time a first encounter - villages with smoke from the chimneys, mud, moisture,  uncompromising school bell, shaking hands, a coffee table, window panes deprived of paint, equally spread dung. 


Among residential houses, parks, and cemeteries is a triplex, multi-storey, giant Soviet structure: the National Center of Oncology named after V.A. Fanarjian. Once inside, you find yourself in a classic Soviet medical institution: in cold, narrow, long corridors, where time slows down and in some places, even stops. A space where expectation becomes decisive.