About Nora

The Village Alaverdi stayed behind. After passing the curves of the road full of pits and holes you turn left parting from the narrow highway with a light heart. The better road leads to Great Ayrum. You can guess from the name of the village that there is Small Ayrum too. That is really small: you grow assured in that when you pass the village from one end to the other. One can not say the sam...

Mental Hospital

This story is not about space, it’s about the memory of the space, which is not mine, I have just appeared there for the first time, and it is unfamiliar to me. “The place (the space) has its memory” and depending on how you emerge there, how you comprehend the space, what kind of mind state you have, it begins to live inside you. You turn that space into your own and create your story. You beg...

A family outside of family

The treatment of the two grandchildren affected by Infantile Cerebral Palsy and the problems of other children having disabilities made Melanya Yepremyan create the center “Astghavard” in Vardenis city in 2003. The center is an NGO for the parents of the children having disabilities, the mission of which is to help children with disabilities and provide the necessary conditions for their integration into the society. 

Letter to Prime Minister

Lyuba (Talita) is one of those women, whom I meet constantly. She works as a cleaner in Abovyan city. One can see her often cleaning our own yard. She is a mother of four. After losing the house of her husband Lyuba has lived in numerous places. The most outstanding of which, where I got acquainted with her and her family, was the “stone house” in an uninhabited field out of Abovyan city.


Among residential houses, parks, and cemeteries is a triplex, multi-storey, giant Soviet structure: the National Center of Oncology named after V.A. Fanarjian. Once inside, you find yourself in a classic Soviet medical institution: in cold, narrow, long corridors, where time slows down and in some places, even stops. A space where expectation becomes decisive. In the corridors, appearing and di...